Geeking it up together

After working on Summer09 all day (that’s its working title), I’ve decided to take a break now that the hours can now be called “small”.

I was Vimeo stumbling, happy that I have high speed internet access to watching videos in HD, when I found this.

If you’re too lazy to watch the video, basically what it is is a person once in a while opening their home/office/space to random workers, typically freelancers from the looks of things, in a really casual working session. I guess it’s a lot like a hackspace, but solely for laptop work. I love that there are places like this, and I really wish there were more of them.

I’ve looked through the workatjelly wiki for places in the UK that do these, but it doens’t look like there are any set up at the moment. For the moment I’ll stick with the hackspace stuff.

There’s a meeting on Saturday which I’ve nabbed a ticket for, and am definitely going. I’m just planning on taking my laptop so far, but if I can find the money to, I think I’ll hunt down a Maplins and get a arduino board (which I’m not even sure what it is) and generally geek out. I’m hugely excited if not slightly nervous about meeting a group of strangers.

One thought on “Geeking it up together”

  1. See you there!

    I’m dabbling with combining Jelly and Hackspace, the date for the next one of these isn’t confirmed yet, but I’m sure I’ll be running one again soon!

    The arduino ( and the bread boards people have been talking about on the hack space group pages are kind of 2 separate but related bits of kit. Something like this is probably a good place to start, when it comes back into stock. (I’m waiting too!)

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