Firefox 3.5b4: Storing data for offline use fuxxored.

Good idea, that doesn't work.
Good idea, that doesn't work.

For me at least anyway, and I’ve only tried it on two WordPress installations running bleeding edge 2.8. I get this message, click allow, and then all pages work once. Caching on the first load.

Then, if I refresh the page, or go back to it later, everything loads without the style sheet and JavaScript – the cached stuff. To fix it, I had to go into Options > Advance > Network and then remove my websites from the list.

I guess they’re for some reason competing with Google Gears, which makes little sense. Why compete? Why not just advertise Gears? They do exactly the same thing from what I can see.

Update: A lot of people are getting here to find out how to use Gears in the Firefox beta. You can use all your extensions (even if Firefox says they’re not compatible) by editing a single option. Of course, if you do that you could end up crashing Firefox or something, but you can just start in safe mode and disable it again.

  • Type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
  • Right-click anywhere. Choose New>Boolean. Make the name of your new config value extensions.checkCompatibility and set it to false.
  • Make another new boolean pair called extensions.checkUpdateSecurity and set the value to false.
  • Restart Firefox.

One thought on “Firefox 3.5b4: Storing data for offline use fuxxored.”

  1. “Why compete?”

    It’s not really competing: Google Gears is just another implementation of HTML 5’s web apps specification, though since it was released before HTML 5 was ready, it inevitably contains differences and extensions, so Google’s own offline support, for the moment, relies on it.

    As things mature, this should change, and while I’d be surprised to see Gears disappear (it will probably continue to implement extensions, at least), it will, with a bit of luck, no longer be needed to make Google applications work offline; rather, any browser with HTML 5 offline support will work (Opera has supported it for a while, IE 8 does so, and Firefox 3.5 will, for example). Some features may still require Gears, and of course for a while at least Gears will still be useful for older browsers.

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