! [remote rejected] … (n/a (unpacker error))

In case anyone else is stuck with this: it just means the write permissions are wrong in the repo that you’re pushing to. Go and chmod -R it so that the user you’re accessing the git server with has write access.

6 thoughts on “! [remote rejected] … (n/a (unpacker error))”

  1. I had a similar problem, so I ssh-ed to the server and found that there was some strange problem with the filesystem. Any call to “ls -l” would give me “Bus error” message and nothing else.

    I didn’t feel like to investigate too much so I did what my Pavlov reflex told me: reboot. And to my surprise, everything got back to normal.

  2. Thank you! This was not quite my problem but doing chown to the correct user on the files fixed it for me. Thanks for leading me down the right track.

  3. I suffer a lot of days for belowing error but there is no permanent solutions for that so tell me for exact solutions for that error should be displayed.

    error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database ./obj
    error: unpack failed: unpack-objects abnormal exit

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