On recruiters not being partularly helpful

As I was looking for a job this time around, I had largely the same experience with recruiters as I did last time around. Although, with a lot more interest.

I posted my CV online on jobsite.co.uk once again, just like last time. But instead of just the ten or fifteen phonecalls the next morning, my phone was ringingly solidly at least the first two days.

This was just before 10:30, and I'd been answering the phone all that morning until then too.
This was just before 10:30, and I’d been answering the phone all that morning until then too.

I can only conclude that the market for web developers has only gotten better when we’re looking for a job.

Once again, I had intreviews line up within hours. One interviewer asked if I was available for an interview “in a couple of hours”. There’s no doubt that you’ll find a job via a recruiter.

On the other hand though, there’s lots of baggage that comes with it. They’ll often get upset and unprofessional if you turn down an offer – “you’re being really irresponsible turning down this opertunity, you won’t get another one like it”, I was told by one recruiter. When they’re not incredibly unprofessional, they’re pushy. These are the times when you realise that the majority of recruiters don’t care about how happy you are – they only care that you find a job.

I should mention that not every recruiter I worked with this year has been awful. Maria from ASG was wonderful at her job, and I really feel like she didn’t feel too pressured into making a sale. I really felt like I had a nice bond with her – she understood what I was looking for. She’s a Symfony specific recruiter.

If you’re going to go with recruiters, definitely go with only one. Don’t publish your CV on a job board and expect anything other than to be treated like high value meat. Find one that your friends have recommended. There are some trustworthy ones out there.

In the end though, much like how I joined MyBuilder, I got my new position by applying directly. I very much recommend this route. Look at who’s sponsoring your local meetups – they’re probably a cool company to be working for. I found my new company – Altmetric – through Siliconmilk Roundabout.

But my point is, the hassle and stress that came with recruiters wasn’t very fruitful ultimately.

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