Two Player Dungeons and Dragons

A Winding Road

I’ll preface this by saying I’ve never actually played Dungeons and Dragons, but I’ve always really liked the idea. The big downside for me is that it’s very tricky to get a group of friends together who are willing to, well, act silly for a good chunk of time. So with that I decided I’d try and build something which one might be able to call “two player DnD”.

On Saturday I wrote about 5000 words of this game, which has turned into more of a choose you own adventure RPG. This game, A Winding Road I’ve taken to calling it, is a demo of my idea. Something small so that I can actually finish it. Once finished, I’m planning on printing it all off and grabbing a few friends to play test it with – it’s really something I can only know if it’s any good by watching someone have a go. This demo is highlighting a bunch of mechanics I’ve thought up so far, to see how they play and what I should change (or ditch).

Another thing that has gotten me quite excited about this idea is my discovery of print on demand board game manufacturers. I’m shocked there’s a market big enough for that to be profitable, but I’m glad it exists! The Game Crafter is one that has piqued my attention. As it’s print on demand, it requires no investment up front (from what I can see) since you pay for the materials of your game – you buy each component separately – and then have your art printed onto them. Then you add in how much you want to mark it up by, The Game Crafter gets a small percentage and you get the rest. It sounds like a really good system.

Really excited about the idea of a game of mine actually being completed, printed, and played by people.

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