Fair use is totally an excuse to break the law

You may notice that I’m putting a load of course stuff online. This may take a while. I should have done this back within the first week and just kept up with it, but I guess I didn’t and now I’m paying for it.

On the other hand though, it kinda means that every scrap of information that has been taught to us within DMU will be put online… I feel like I’m divuldging trade secrets which may well be illegal… I mean, why go to DMU – or university at all – if you can just come here and look at the material, right? So I’m going to avoid posting actual links to presentations and stuff, and just summerise it in my own words, which I’m fairly sure doesn’t evoke any copyright stuff.

And if it does, I’ll plee educational use, which is covered under fair use. S’all good.

I didn’t know that my systems analysis stuff had to be submitted on- as well as offline. I’m hoping she’ll still accept and mark it without me getting in trouble with due dates and stuff. To be fair, I submitted it by hand weeks before it had to be, that must count for something. She’s knows I did the work on time.

I got 1% chance of plagorism though, which is awesome. Most people get around 30%, apparently. I’ve always prided myself on having my own writing style – even if it is too informal sometimes. When people assume that I’ll steal someone elses work I’m kinda offended because… well, I’m the only person that can ever write like me.

Anyway, computer technology lecture two.

Oh, almost forgot. These computers have CS Flash on them! I’m totally going to learn it some time.

Great unexpectations

The exam today didn’t go as well as I expected… I didn’t do horribly, but not as well as I hoped when walking in. They decided to abandon the judicial creativity quest completely, which messed up our revision. We were told, and understandably so, that judicial creativity was a topic that always came up, 100% of the time. And it did since the beginning of this subject. Today though, they decided to miss it out… Instead, I had to do justice, and just make up a tonne of stuff. I’m more curious than worried about if I’ll have the grades to get into university now… I hope I will. If not, I have next year to reapply and maybe retake an A2 unit or something, part time.

In Warcraft news, I really wanted to do Deadmines tonight, with Ratio, but my connection is being so stupid.

I went to the job center today! I felt crappy going in, like I failed at life or something… I know there’s nothing wrong with using the service, but I don’t feel like it fills its purpose since both my dad and mum have been going since… well, ever. I was pleasently surprised though; there are tonnes of jobs all listed on a touch screen computer and you can print off the details and stuff. I even though programming, PHP and HTML jobs. I printed a bunch off and I’ll start working on those Monday. I’ll probably start this weekend, but I doubt I can do anything (like phoning them up and stuff) till Monday.

Apparently, I’m entitled to job seeker’s allowance, but I really don’t feel like I’m entitled to it. I mean, I am seeking, but I’ve not given the government any money at the moment, so I feel like I’d just be 100% selfishly using other people’s tax money to fund my non-productive lifestyle…

To-do for law 2

I have a law (unit 2) exam Friday. That gives me four and a half days to learn it all. Well, not all but a good chunk of it. I’m … not exactly confident, but still, I’m not considering suicide.

I figure when I get back home (I’m at my mom’s at the moment) I’ll start a vigorous revision cycle. Unit two consists of four 15 mark quests, they’re pretty predictable too.

  • What do magistrates do
  • What do judges do
  • Advantages and disadvantages of judges
  • Advantages and disadvantages of magistrates
  • ADR methods
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ADR

So, if I learn those, I’ll do fine.

LAW2: Selection of Judges

I decided to go ahead and narrate my presentation on the select and appointment of judges as revision.

Beware though, I recorded it all in one go with no script so there’s a lot of “umm…” that would have been edited out if I had done it in Audacity (but I did it in Powerpoint). It’s in the .pptx format, so you might need Office 2007 to view it, though it’s probably that there’s a backwards computability patch that Microsoft released for it, like Word.

The Selection and Appointment of Judges (14Mb)

Unit 2: Alternative Dispute Resolution

This is the topic that made me fail this unit; I wasn’t in the lesson that we learnt about ADR in, and didn’t find the energy to get the notes off anyone (I didn’t really know anyone in law last year). The extent of my knowledge for ADR is this booklet of slides from the lesson, which were supposed to be noted during the class (mine remain blank) and a model answer. That’s good, I suppose, at least I know where to start. Not to mention, the last time I heard the acronym ADR was over a year ago.

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