Read it, disregard it, drive into walls.

You know what? stfu, valleywag. I know you’re the Internet’s answer to The Sun, so I’m just going to disregard everything you just said in that article. I mean really? Alex is “forgettable”? Please, Alex is far more interesting than Kevin. If I had to pick one of them to go out and grab something to eat with it’d definitely be Alex.

If it’s true about Alex wanting to leave Diggnation, then Diggnation is dead. No really. Just Kevin sitting on a couch, with Glen and Prager? That’s not interesting. Alex’s retorts and spontaneous jokes (which sometimes are so spontaneous they don’t make sense) are what make that show interesting. They can’t get another co-host, because they just can’t afford to. They’d have to come from in house, and I’m not sitting thrugh 40 minutes of Martin Sargent.

Anyway, whilst I’m here. My ‘Freelance’ label in my gmail has never been more active. It’s quite intimidating. Priorities say I have to finish that website assignment first though. Well, first food, then website. I’ve decided on just using CC and GPL content to fill the pages. Perfectly legal, if a little lazy.

Link round up

I got home about seven today, with achy feet, and I decided I was in need of a nap. That nap lasted from seven till midnight, so I’m fairly alert now. I managed to get through sixty RSS items, and even wrote up some ideas on two of them (which you probably just read). Anyway, on my travels I stumbled upon very few interesting things. I did find out amazingly that awesome things happen when you live in San Fransico.

Prager, producer of Diggnation,  had a random guy just stumble into his apartment, use his bathroom, take his trousers off and try to go to sleep. Being a third generation news provider that he is, he decided to twitter and ustream it up. I saw that article on in Reader and thought “lol, some people are dumb”. Then realised that it was Prager (why isn’t his name headline news? that guy’s awesome) and lolz ensued and I was slightly less shocked.

Lifehacker found an awesome Greasemonkey script that keeps your place on long pages. (In fact Lifehacker didn’t find it, gHacks did but their website is ugly, I mean serious, more ad space than content.) I was actually just about to make a Firefox extension that allows you to click a place on a page which inserts a name link tag, so that you could then bookmark that. But since I’ve just found this, I guess it’ll do.

If you find that you do decide to read Watchmen, then you’ll be needing something like this comic book reader. Whilst I’m linking to comic book stuff, I rediscovered StopTazmo the other day, free manga for the win.

Compatibility checklist

I was planning on watching Digg’s Townhall, but I saw the topics they talk about and they’re all the same. Mostly power users and duplicate content. In response to those Jay and Kevin will just say “Yeah, we’re working on those. You’ll see changes in the coming weeks.” Ad infinitum.

My Firefox seems to be getting laggy. Extensive JavaScript and Flash ads make my iTunes jump. I know it’s nothing to do with Firefox, and is probably more to do with my laptop being in near constant use for the last year without ever having much maintenance upon it. So, I’m thinking maybe it’s time to start afresh. Not just with a new Windows XP reinstall, but with a whole new operating system.

I think I’m going to be switching to Debian, before I do though, I want to make sure I won’t lose any programs that’re vital to me. I thought here would be a good place to go through them and check for alternatives.

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Products I Can’t Live Without

Michael Arrington did a post on the web services he couldn’t live without, and I thought it’d be cool for me to do the same. I’m not a super-internet user like Arrington – it’s his job to be testing these services, and he needs some of them for work which I don’t. I only really use the internet to kill time and for fun, if I’m totally honest.

It’ll be interesting to see what this looks like next year.

Onwards. In 2008, I frequently used the following websites or services:

  • WordPress
  • Google Talk
  • GMail
  • YouTube
  • 4chan (though, permaban ftl)
  • Google Reader
  • Google Notebook
  • Wikipedia

That’s pretty much the websites I bounce around…