Up and jogging

I’m pretty much done with building the site now. All that needs to be done is the Javascript bug fixed, and add a few more “more information” pages and it’s pretty much done… I may add some more impressive scripts to make customer feel more like I know what I’m talking about (which I do!). It’s ready for customers at the moment though, I just need to do advertising.

As soon as I get £10 availiable I’ll start an AdWords campaign, which would be fun to try out, since I’ve only ever played with the sandbox before. If I pick keywords well I should get a ROI pretty fast. It’s not really like I can lose money, unless lots of people come and don’t buy.

It could be awkward doing business on the same domain that I’m using personally though… Well, at least they’ll read that I’m excited about helping them, and commited.

Oh, yeah. Also, I was going to say that I’ve emailed the WordPress theme place to see if I can get registration there to upload Eventide. That should increase traffic here, hopefully, which may send traffic to my WordPress hosting. If not, at least people will stop using Beccary’s broken version.

A clear outlook

I only have one exam left now, which is one that I’m expecting to be hugely easy so I’m not at all worried about it. Getting an A in it would be awesome though… It’d definitely help me out with UCAS points, since I’m really worried about those at the moment. Looking at my AS results, I really don’t feel like I can get what I need for Brighton – which is a near impossibility – I might just scrape DMU, which is a sucky thing to say since I slated them for giving me a really low offer… I guess the main lesson I’ve learnt with A Level is that even if you think they’re likely to be easy, you still have to put in the effort. Kinda like even if you’re a level 42 hunter, if you take on six level 30 you’ll probably get beaten.

I’m not at all worried about getting into university though. The way I see it is that I’m likely to get into DMU. If I miss that, it really won’t be by much, in which case I can fight my way through clearing. If all fails miserably, I’ve still got all of next year to reapply. I can even resit an A Level unit or two if I really have to, not getting into university won’t push my timetable back at all.

The problem of this being my last exam though is that I’m actually unemployed once it’s over. Dad’s nagging me that my child support money will stop in September so I’ll have to get a job to pay him the money he’s losing out on. What I think he meant though was that I needed to get a job in order to pay him board money. Which is really a dumb thing to say, since I’m hoping to have moved out of this house long before September anyway. I just have to start looking for a job now; I’m not really sure where to start though. I’ll make an appointment at the Job Centre tomorrow, I guess.

Meanwhile though, I’ve bought shamess.info and I’m using part of that to advertise freelance, hosting and SEO services I can start offering. That’s something I wanted to do before, but never really had time in between World of Warcraft and college. Now it’s just World of Warcraft I can start focusing on that full time, till I get a job, then I can focus on it full time.

Side note: I’ll start to move this blog over to shamess.info too soon (probably tonight) so things may get a bit confusing, since I’ve never migrated a WordPress blog before. I figure I won’t touch the files, and just change the ServerName. Hopefully, most people won’t even notice the URL change, if I set it up right.

Oh, also, I’m going to start updating DebianTips again. It still gets okay traffic for a neglected blog. I need to touch up some of the older posts with stuff I’ve learnt new though, before I start doing more stuff.