Back to using

I’ve decided to switch back to using for a while, and domain forwarding to it. So, all the links and stuff should still work. Only problem in the switch over was that my tags and categories got messed up so I’ll have to spend an hour or two just going through all of them to fix them up.

For those that don’t know, is the open source website, where you can run the software yourself. is a commercial arm (they have to make money somehow) where you pay for certain services, and have a lot less freedom.

I decided to “downgrade” because there’s blatantly something wrong with my server. I don’t think it’s anything on my part, more on the part of my VPS providers (since their websites were down too). After weeks of slow loading, and database crashes, I’ve decided to just go self hosted for  a while.

The blog should be way faster now, and always work. Downside is it cost me £7 to have the domain forwarded. And I can no longer installed plugins, or themes. I can only use the ones offers. I can’t show ads the way I used to (only to first time visitors, on certain single pages/posts). I wasn’t making much money off them anyway, so it’s not a big loss. And I’m a little worried with putting my information in someone else’s business. I’m really hoping I’m not surrendering any copyrights to this data by putting it here (I’ve not read up enough yet).

Other than it being managed by someone else, I don’t see any up side to I’ll be switching out as soon as I get a better server.

Could be the DNS playing catch up still, but it doesn’t look like I can use my OpenID any more…

Fair use is totally an excuse to break the law

You may notice that I’m putting a load of course stuff online. This may take a while. I should have done this back within the first week and just kept up with it, but I guess I didn’t and now I’m paying for it.

On the other hand though, it kinda means that every scrap of information that has been taught to us within DMU will be put online… I feel like I’m divuldging trade secrets which may well be illegal… I mean, why go to DMU – or university at all – if you can just come here and look at the material, right? So I’m going to avoid posting actual links to presentations and stuff, and just summerise it in my own words, which I’m fairly sure doesn’t evoke any copyright stuff.

And if it does, I’ll plee educational use, which is covered under fair use. S’all good.

I didn’t know that my systems analysis stuff had to be submitted on- as well as offline. I’m hoping she’ll still accept and mark it without me getting in trouble with due dates and stuff. To be fair, I submitted it by hand weeks before it had to be, that must count for something. She’s knows I did the work on time.

I got 1% chance of plagorism though, which is awesome. Most people get around 30%, apparently. I’ve always prided myself on having my own writing style – even if it is too informal sometimes. When people assume that I’ll steal someone elses work I’m kinda offended because… well, I’m the only person that can ever write like me.

Anyway, computer technology lecture two.

Oh, almost forgot. These computers have CS Flash on them! I’m totally going to learn it some time.