Confidently inexperienced.

I feel like there’s something I should be doing, but there really isn’t.

I just write up my CV, which I just need to get someone to check (I’ll probably email Paul, and ask him to take a look at the online version). It’s a paragraph over a page, so I’m not sure what to do with that. I read a post somewhere that the requirement for CVs to be only a page is silly now, since people have more roles within their jobs than before, so they take up more space explaining.

I have a list of job openings that I’m perfect for all printed off and ready for me to sort out. They’re based sort of around the West Midlands, which means I’ll be able to move out. I’m very nervous, and don’t feel like I have enough confidence to have other people relying on me yet. I suppose the only way to get that confidence is to do it; fake it till you make it.

I might actually start writing up a plug in for WordPress, for the competition, though I’m not sure when the deadline is. Either way, a useful plug in would still generate traffic, and hopefully donations! More importantly, it’d be something good to put on my CV as actual work experience. At the moment, I’ve had to really talk up what experience I do have.

Encoding problems

On localhost this script for really simple currency conversion works fine. When it’s live on the over hand the £ symbol is making it all iffy. It’s obviously being uploaded as the correct symbol, but I guess it’s not the correct charactor encoding, since that’s the only thing I can think that would be breaking the Javascript. You can check out the script brokenly working at my business site.

I don’t think anyone knows…

I’m still looking at how to get to the event data. At first, it was with another parameter, but now it’s at all. I can’t find any tutorials…

There’s this “events and event handlers” page. It gets to the ‘The Event object’ section which is brilliant! But then doesn’t say how you access it. I was using this “event accessing” page first, but it turns out that’s all wrong. It doesn’t work on my Firefox (3RC1).

So, I’m still lost.

Oh, and LiveJournal was no help. One person just told me to cheat and use a prewritten Javascript object and someone wanted me to write hundreds of lines