Thing-Thing 4: I hate this game

Thing Thing 4 is Kongregate’s challenge game, which I need to do in order to get the Kongai card. I have all of them since I’ve been registered, and I refuse not to get this one just because the sodding game is crap.

When it was released it didn’t start out too well; it didn’t start at fraking all, actually. It just didn’t load. How Kongregate managed to pick a game to promote like this when it wasn’t even playable is beyond me.

Now it works, and I have to say that I quite prefer sitting at the page and refreshing it every few minutes in the hope that it’s a good game. Apparently though, it isn’t. It’s a sucky little platformer in which you have to run around shooting gimps using the god-damned-mouse. As a laptop user, I strongly dislike mouse orientated games since I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING MOUSE. What I do have though, is a tracer pad that I love and am fairly apt with. Not so apt when the freaking recoil of the gun you’re firing puts you so off target you virtually have to be at the bottom of the screen in order to fire straight.

I died.
I died.

After monotonously killing damn near thousands of these things in the same way – namely keep firing till you run out of bullets, then run into the pool of ammo that has accumulated. Rinse and repeat. – you go into the next area to do the same thing all over again.

Granted, I’ve only been able to get to the five level without wanting to claw my eyes out, but even the landscape is the same. The same background over and over again. Of there is one exception of when you have to kill gimps falling from the ceiling in a frate elevator, which reminded me off Metal Gear Solid, but that really was the only good point of the game. Not the playing, the thinking of Metal Gear Solid.

Unit 2: Alternative Dispute Resolution

This is the topic that made me fail this unit; I wasn’t in the lesson that we learnt about ADR in, and didn’t find the energy to get the notes off anyone (I didn’t really know anyone in law last year). The extent of my knowledge for ADR is this booklet of slides from the lesson, which were supposed to be noted during the class (mine remain blank) and a model answer. That’s good, I suppose, at least I know where to start. Not to mention, the last time I heard the acronym ADR was over a year ago.

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Oh, so close!

I finally ascended! Yay! Gonna need to do one of the ascension missions again though, since their weren’t enough people around to do the bonus. Also, I tried to steal a dragon egg from Glint, and got pwned. No idea what I’d want with a dragon egg.

I’m so close to getting the Tyrian Explorer title. I decided to take a break though, since I have revision to do.

Guild Wars screenshot showing my equiped skills and titles

Oh, from the feedback I had from the LiveJournal Guild Wars community, I dropped the illusions magic and replaced it with Apply Poison; it’s cheaper for me to use and deals more damage, which is good. It also meant I could allocate all my attribute points to just my archer skills so I’m much stronger now.

I’m saving up for better armour at the moment. I can actually afford to head back to Cantha and get it now, but meh, I have a destiny to full fill first.

AreaNet hates me: play-by-play

I was just doing the Villainy of Galrath quest and, oh, how I hate it. I’m sure it hates me too.

I set out from Lion’s Arch, so I only had a part of six, all level 12 henchmen (except me, who’s level twenty). How was I supposed to¬† know that you’re supposed to ascend and then you can do the mission much easily from a different outpost with eight in your party. I mean seriously, I’ve been doing that mission for the last three and a half hours.

This is what happened when I was trying to get through the Black Curtain.

Guild Wars screenshot from The Black Curtain

Note my minus 60% moral. Also note my resurection signet, uncharged.

This scene consisted of me yelling at the stupid henchmen for running into the water. Then I saw the mob that was coming to the mountain, towards me and changed my mind. The water was the only way to go really. Made it across though, thankfully.

In fact, I made it all the way through the swam! I was incredibly chuffed after the 50th sodding Fog Nightmare, flanked by Spined Aloe. Then my henchmen were dispatched by the two Forest Minotaurs. Kujo and I survived though!

From then on, I spent the next two hours or so argoing a set of minotaurs and then running away like mad whilst they chased, and killed them off slowly by casting Conjure Phantasm when my 16 energy charged. If I was lucky, they’d get distracted by Kujo and I could fire at them a few times.

My aim was to charge my signet. I knew you could do that by getting a moral boost, but I didn’t realise you had to boost it to a positive figure till I checked the Wiki. Damnit. I had gotten my moral up to -25% as well. Then I tried to kill the tree things and they just pwned me.

With my -40% moral, I decided to just run like made to Galrath. No prizes for guessing how that turned out. So, three hours into the mission, I’ve given up. Maybe when I’ve ascended, eh?