What I understand the GNU GPL license to mean

I’ll be honest; I did try to read the entire GPL license, but I just couldn’t. I may be studying law but I’m no lawyer. I did, though, read the FAQ from the GPL website. That’s fairly simple, but it is bloody long, and most of it doesn’t apply to me at the moment since I don’t release or hack anything that ships as a binary, so I thought I’d run through what I think you’re allowed to do with software under this license.

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A2 Law, Unit 5.

Question 3 of the January 2004 paper.

(a) Consider what rights and remedies the owners of the cottages, including Irene, may have in connection with the noise and other problems caused by the leisure activities and the oil spillage.

The cottage owners and Irene would have rights in the law concerning nuisance. There are three elements that need to be proven before a the cottage owners could successfully claim against Highlife Sports within the law for private nuisance.

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My revision

I used to pester LiveJournal with my revision, but I decided I’ll just keep personal stuff to LJ and my revision stuff here. Plus, it’ll be nice to try out the commercial version of WordPress since I’ve always just hosted my own. Maybe I’ll stop being lazy one day and export all these entries to my own hosted version (if they let me take my data…).

I stopped being lazy.