Last night’s happiness involved a gun, and some mutant rats

Just off the bat, I’m getting really annoyed my my mysqld dieing all the time. I’ve no idea what’s causing it, except that maybe WordPress (which seems to be the only affected thing at the moment) is a little too intensive for my 64Mb server.

Database dieing was the reason I didn’t do last night’s happiness update, but I’ll do it now.

Yesterday’s most happiest thing for me was probably getting Fallout 3 for my xbox. That game is freaking awesome. It seems huge and expansive, however I’m worried that – because things don’t respawn (at least, I don’t think they do. There’re still dead bodies lying around that I killed in-game days ago) – I’ll kill everything and then won’t be able to level up any more. Last night, the stupid Brotherhood of Steel guys killed half of the Raiders before I had a chance.

I only found out you can queue up attacks in the VAT thing a few hours into playing…

I bought Ghost Recon too, but I don’t really like it, so I’m putting it on ebay. I only need one bid to get my money back, to be fair, and I think people will be looking to collect as many game as they can during the holidays. Especially with people getting new xboxes and stuff for Christmas.

Fifth day of happiness

Still another hour left, but I guess not much else will happen.

I guess my happiest thing today was McDonalds with Samantha (my youngest sister). We went to Asda, because I need to buy the stuff I mentioned yesterday. I saved thirty-something pence thanks to the VAT cut on a pair of jeans. I realised that that’s totally almost a chocolate bar and was kinda happy. Thanks, government.

On the other hand, Woolworths is closing down, leaving 27,000 people without a job… That upsets me.

I think I might work on KoA some more.

Oh, I think I might have fixed this blog’s database problem. Was stupidly easy. All I had to do was repair them, which was made easier when I realised that I could do that with PMA.

Forth day of happiness

To be honest, not much to be happy about today.

I’m kinda ill; I woke up at about nine o’clock this morning, only be to really sick. There was nothing in my stomach except bile apparently, so that’s all I threw up. Most disgusting taste ever. Even burns a little too. That happened every hour or so until five o’clock when I finally thought I could brave going downstairs.

I had planned on going to Asda today, to get meat-alternatives and other stuff I need, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’ll get them tomorrow I hope.

I suppose one good thing I’m happy about is finishing Blood Beast (Darren Shan). Though, it ended in a cliff hanger, so it’s also kinda a downer that the book finished.

Two And Three Of Eight Days Of Happiness

I suck at keeping to memes, apparently. In my defense I wasn’t really around last night to update.

So, on the 19th the best thing about that day was seeing people from high school. The best part wasn’t even seeing my proper friends for the first time in months. Random people – like Luke Taylor and stuff – just chatting about random stuff. People apologising for being dicks during high school. Awesome. That made me happy.

I’m not sure what my favorite part of today has been… Probably getting my xbox to connect with my laptop and watching random things. I still have a couple of House MD to catch up with, and it’s cool that I can watch them on an actual TV rather than my laptop. Even though it streams them from my laptop, I didn’t notice a proformance hit at all locally.

Eight days of happiness meme

Maxi tagged me. I think he’s expecting me to do this on LJ, but no.

Today’s happiness is probably waking up in my bed again. <3 I’m back home for christmas now (rather than in Leicester for university), so I got my own bed, and I got to have actual cereal! Rather than toast. And now I’m going to get something else that doesn’t involve cheese. Being back home rocks.

Unfortunately, I may have overstepped my budget by buying a TV and an xbox, so I’ve no idea how much I can actually spend at the moment. I’m pretty sure I have enough money for all the stuff I’ve current bought though, so nothing should be bouncing.

When I get back to university (some time in January) I should have my bursary, which is £400 though and I’ll be back on track. My original budget played on the hope that I’d already have that £400, so I’m not really off budget, it’s just a little out of sync at the moment.