Medium: Coding in color

I like this very much. Use syntax highlighting to flag similar variables, rather than keywords (because who cares?). It’s talked about on Medium.

Taken from:
Taken from:

I was just thinking about how I use syntax highlighting, and it’s really only to break up the words.

Some syntax highlighting

This is what my syntax highlighting looks like in vim. (peachpuff colour scheme.)

It’s not particularly useful. All I use it for is breaking up the line so it’s not so hard to read. There’s clear separations between variables and method names. Purple doesn’t mean anything special – it’s used in a few spaces. It’s used for the “function” keyword, and brackets. They’ve nothing in common. They’re not helping me be a better programming.

But make $user always orangered and $document always green and suddenly I’ve got an intelligent flag that I’ve spelt something wrong.