To-do for law 2

I have a law (unit 2) exam Friday. That gives me four and a half days to learn it all. Well, not all but a good chunk of it. I’m … not exactly confident, but still, I’m not considering suicide.

I figure when I get back home (I’m at my mom’s at the moment) I’ll start a vigorous revision cycle. Unit two consists of four 15 mark quests, they’re pretty predictable too.

  • What do magistrates do
  • What do judges do
  • Advantages and disadvantages of judges
  • Advantages and disadvantages of magistrates
  • ADR methods
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ADR

So, if I learn those, I’ll do fine.

LAW2: Selection of Judges

I decided to go ahead and narrate my presentation on the select and appointment of judges as revision.

Beware though, I recorded it all in one go with no script so there’s a lot of “umm…” that would have been edited out if I had done it in Audacity (but I did it in Powerpoint). It’s in the .pptx format, so you might need Office 2007 to view it, though it’s probably that there’s a backwards computability patch that Microsoft released for it, like Word.

The Selection and Appointment of Judges (14Mb)

Unit 2: Alternative Dispute Resolution

This is the topic that made me fail this unit; I wasn’t in the lesson that we learnt about ADR in, and didn’t find the energy to get the notes off anyone (I didn’t really know anyone in law last year). The extent of my knowledge for ADR is this booklet of slides from the lesson, which were supposed to be noted during the class (mine remain blank) and a model answer. That’s good, I suppose, at least I know where to start. Not to mention, the last time I heard the acronym ADR was over a year ago.

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What I understand the GNU GPL license to mean

I’ll be honest; I did try to read the entire GPL license, but I just couldn’t. I may be studying law but I’m no lawyer. I did, though, read the FAQ from the GPL website. That’s fairly simple, but it is bloody long, and most of it doesn’t apply to me at the moment since I don’t release or hack anything that ships as a binary, so I thought I’d run through what I think you’re allowed to do with software under this license.

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