The state of the development community

Blogs were first made as soap boxes so allow me to get up on mine and moan for a little bit.

I’ve been trying to figure out OAuth, so I can use the YouTube API on a project I’m working on. It’s had a fair bit of coverage too; it was talked about at i/o last year, twitter has made it fairly popular, and so a lot of others have joined in too. It doesn’t look like it has much of a developer community though… The freenode room has 13 people in it, compared to #linux, #wordpress or #php’s usually maxed out rooms.

Because of the apparent lack of individual interest though, I’ve literally been able to count the number of resources I’ve seen on one hand. There’s this developer’s guide by Google, the oauth spec, there’s some code examples and a library – but I wouldn’t really say they’re for new comers to this scene, and then there’s a pretty comprehensive documentation.

I’ve not really been helped much by any of that, though.

I was mostly just told to use the library to do what I needed, but there’s not much documentation, and the examples given aren’t really explained. Maybe I’m just not as smart as I need to be… And I think that’s what annoys me so much. I’ve really tried hard – and it’s not like I’m a help vampire or anything – I’ve actually put a lot of work in before asking in the #oauth channel. I’ve read, and reread, that spec, but I’m still a littlelot confused.

I wrote a function to nab a request token (pastebin link should stick around for a month – it’s broken anyway, you’re not missing much if you don’t get to see it), which essentially creates a URL. But that’s not correct. I was just told to use the library but I don’t even know where to start with it…

I’m not complaining about the current work that’s being done; I think it’s awesome that the current developers are working on it and at least some people are benefiting. I really don’t mean to be offended anyone. I guess I just felt like moaning; the entry barrier to this stuff just feels too high.


What I understand the GNU GPL license to mean

I’ll be honest; I did try to read the entire GPL license, but I just couldn’t. I may be studying law but I’m no lawyer. I did, though, read the FAQ from the GPL website. That’s fairly simple, but it is bloody long, and most of it doesn’t apply to me at the moment since I don’t release or hack anything that ships as a binary, so I thought I’d run through what I think you’re allowed to do with software under this license.

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