Why mobile web apps are slow

[..] what I’m going to do in this post is try to bring some actual evidence to bear on the problem, instead of just doing the shouting match thing.  You’ll see benchmarks, you’ll hear from experts, you’ll even read honest-to-God journal papers on point.  There are–and this is not a joke–over 100 citations in this blog post.

Drew Crawford

There needs to be a lot more journalism (because that isn’t just a blog post) like this. A really good read. Drew had clearly made his mind up before starting to write this article, but everything he’s saying is backed up with actual facts. And then when people write in with corrections, he responds and listens.

Strive for Simplicity, by Ben Voss

What is the simplest program we can make for the functionality you require?

Ben Voss

It’s easy to start on a task, and quickly over-engineer it or over thinking its complexity.

I think that TDD helps with this a lot. You only add as much code as you need to make a test pass, and once you’ve reached your goal (a set of tests which in Ben’s case would just test for a message being added to the queue) you know to stop.